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The Top 10 Lawn Problems Homeowners Face in the USA and Canada

Brown patches in your lawn

Here’s how to solve brown patches in your lawn:

1. Apply an application of PH Doctor lime: Brown patches of grass can be caused by an imbalance of your soil pH. Help correct your lawn ph balance by applying a granular type lime. Correct ph balance in your lawn may help the plant absorb nutrients required to grow properly.

2. Aerate the soil: Aerating the soil can help to reduce compaction and improve water and nutrient penetration.

3. Apply fertilizer: Applying fertilizer will help to replenish any depleted nutrients in the soil and promote healthy grass growth. Use Billionaire 20-20-20 3 times per year.

4. Water deeply and regularly: Deep and regular watering will help to ensure that the grass roots are able to access water and nutrients.

5. Eliminate grubs and reseed: If the brown patches are due to an insect infestation or disease, it may be necessary to treat the area with Bazooka grub eliminator and then reseed the entire lawn area with Rejuvenate Frequent Overseed.

6. Reduce stress: Over-mowing or over-traffic can cause the grass to become stressed, leading to brown patches. Try to mow the lawn at the recommended height and avoid traffic on wet grass.


Grubs in your lawn can sometimes be hard to detect. If you notice your lawn is being pecked away at by other critters such as racoons, crown or skunks there’s a high probability that you have grubs.

Don’t let your lawn get to the point where it looks like a tiller has gone through your lawn, control the grubs before things get out of control.

If you live in area that is prone to grubs, it’s a good idea to use a control measure at least once a year.

To solve the problem of having grubs in your lawn use Bazooka Grub Control annually.

Weeds and Moss

You’re probably wondering why there isn’t a picture of a weed killer instead, right? Well, one of the best measures to control weeds and moss is to over seed your lawn regularly. Of course you will need to remove the moss and weeds first but once you have, you need to establish new grass and keep it healthy in that particular area. Weeds and moss love to invade weak lawn areas, keep them out by actively planting new seeds in your lawn.

To help control moss and keep healthier grass, apply Ph Doctor Lime annually.

Mushrooms in your lawn

Mushrooms in your lawn are typical of warm, humid conditions. Fungus loves this environment. Treat mushrooms in your lawn with a high nitrogen fertilizer, reduce the amount of water you are providing your lawn and increase the sunlight.