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Bazooka Grub Eliminator

Use to eliminate common grubs in your lawn.

-Superintendent Lawn Provides you with custom packaged lawn care products for your exact size of lawn. No guessing, no waste.


Bazooka Grub Eliminator is used as a biological insecticide to control unwanted grubs in your lawn area.

When To Apply

Ideal Application Months:

Bazooka Grub Eliminator Application Instructions

  1. Keep seed product dry and away from pets, rodents and children.
  2. Mow your lawn and complete all other maintenance prior to over seeding.
  3. Apply evenly throughout entire lawn area. Your package from Superintendent Lawn will cover your entire area.
  4. Place seed in a drop or broadcast spreader, start at a low setting and complete an entire pass of your lawn area. On your second pass adjust spreader to evenly spread the remaining product.
  5. You may cover seed with a light coating of peat moss to help retain moisture.
  6. Water seed lightly after application. Do not allow seed to bake in hot sun without frequent moisture. Warm and moist conditions are ideal.
  7. Do not fertilizer germinating seed for 30 days.
  8. Do not apply seed in windy, frozen or hot conditions (25c+).
  9. Limit foot traffic while seed is germinating, as best as possible.
  10. Depending on conditions seed should germinate within 10-14 days.

A standard lawn care program should include:

  1. 3 applications of Billionaire 20-20-20
  2. 2 applications of Rejuvenate Over Seed.
  3. 1 application of Survivor Winter Fertilizer
  4. 1 application of PH Doctor Lime.
  5. Regular attention with Lawn Patch Repair Kit.

*Yearly Lawn Kits include everything for an ideal lawn care program. Bazooka Grub eliminator is ordered separately from yearly lawn kits.

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